As part of the SUCCESS center’s scientific reporting, the center’s partners and board agreed that a set of reports would be written and summarize the major scientific findings and achievements.

The 5 reports aim to synthesize the results and findings of the SUCCESS center, and directly address the objectives of the SUCCESS center.


Geophysical monitoring (Volume 4)

The geophysical monitoring report summarizes the SUCCESS center’s work on rock physics related to pore pressure and saturation and estimating these two parameters via geophysical monitoring. By estimating their spatiotemporal distribution, we can monitor the migration of injected CO2 and determine whether the containment of storage complex is secure.

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Marine monitoring (Volume 5)

This report synthesizes relevant knowledge and data regarding marine monitoring methods and strategies for inorganic carbon in the water column, based on modeling and observational work. A cost-effective strategy for a marine monitoring program should optimize the probability of detecting a leak.

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