SUCCESS Final conference

As the last of the first generation FME centres, SUCCESS is now finalizing its deliverables and coming to an end. The research staff is busy summing up their findings in a series of seven reports, and it will be neatly wrapped up March 7–8, 2018 in a final conference held at “Gamle museet” (www.gamlemuseet.no)  in the centre of Oslo.

March 7th 2018 will be the SUCCESS Centre day; a semi-open conference summing up the main findings in our Centre – injectivity, capacity, monitoring and more. All current partners, former industry partners, PhDs, postdocs as well as researchers involved throughout the eight year period are welcome to join us on this day.

March 8th 2018 will be a closed session where the industry and research partners in SUCCESS will focus on further cooperation within the CCS field.


More info will follow regarding program.



Please register you participation here!

Conference will be free of charge, but participants must cover their own travel and accommodation costs.


Accommodation has been reserved at Thon Hotel Panorama close to the «Gamle Musseet», please book before February 6th 2018, after this date the reservation will be canceled. 
Phone: 23 31 08 00 or e-mail: panorama@olavthon.no. Bookingcode: 25463210 or 060318CHRI.


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