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Odd Asbjørn Andersen received his PhD degree at the University of Bergen in February. His thesis is titled “Simplified models for numerical simulation of geological CO2 storage”.

Numerical simulations will play an important role in order to estimate what quantities as practical can be stored and how confident we can be that the gas stays where it should for thousands of years. Current simulation technology has been developed to study the production of oil and gas and is less well suited to study large storage problems. Andersens’s thesis presents an alternative approach, where simple calculation models are used in a flexible framework. The work contributes to the field of mathematical modeling of CO2 storage with several new developments. Odd Andersen

In the spirit of promoting reproducible computational research, most of the computer code underlying his results has been made freely available as open software in the form of a separate module, MRST-co- 2lab, to the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST), developed, maintained and published by the Computational Geosciences group of SINTEF ICT, Department of Applied Mathematics. T

The exception is the work on geomechanics, which has not yet been made part of the public code, but is in the pipeline for a future release.

Odd Andersen has been a part of FME SUCCESS through our collaborative project MatMoRA II, hosted by University of Bergen, and he also kept his employment at SINTEF ICT.

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