Manuel Reveron from UiB has visited Helmut-Schmidt-Universität (Hamburg, Germany) this spring. He was vis­iting a research group led by Prof. Markus Bause. They have ex­perience in space-time discretization and are now trying to SUCCESS PhD student Manuel Reveron from UiB, photo FME SUCCESS/Marit Hommedalapply it in porous media problems. Manuel’s group has implemented a non-linear diffusion equation using space time discretization.

Togheter with Dr.ing Uwe Köcher and M.Sc. Marius Bruchhause variational time discretization for mixed finite element methods has been dis­cussed. Köcher shared his code for Biot's toolbox with Manuel and further explained how to use it. His research group have a high proficiency in a C++ library Deal II, that provides well document­ed tools to build finite element codes for a broad variety of PDEs, from laptops to supercomputers.

Manuel also had the opportunity to give a talk about his work during his visit: «Convergence of iterative coupling for non-linear Biot's model». The group provided him with interesting feedback to further improve his PhD work.

Read more about Manuel`s work in the SUCCESS Annual report 2015


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