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Inter-disciplinary research and creative applications of new methods are essential for moving forwards with CCS. Support from UiO Energy has now made it possible for Anja Sundal and Per Aagaard at UiO to follow up earlier work on isotope-geochemistry in groundwater, which is underexplored in Nordic countries and poten­tially very useful in CO2 storage and monitoring schemes. Anja recently spent some five weeks in Zürich at Eawag (an ETH associated institute for aquatic research), visiting and working with Dr. Matthias Brennwald and Prof. Rolf Kipfer. The contact was established some years ago in con­nection with an RCN sponsored project for determining the age of groundwater at Gardermoen by means of 3H/3He isotope dating, the final results from which have now been summarized in a paper (to be submitted).

Anja Sundal (UiO) visiting Eawag in Zürich, photo Dr. Matthias Brennwald


During this project work at Eawag grounds for future collaboration with researchers at the forefront of the field of isotopic water and gas characterization have been established. Groundwaters of different origins and of increasing ages have distinct isotopic signatures, and thus the noble gas composition from formation water samples may provide valuable knowledge of large scale flow patterns and water mixing in potential CO2 reservoir aquifers. In monitoring gas seepage at the sea floor, the isotopic composition can aid in deciphering gas origins and quantify recent CO2 leakage. Exploring this field further might be promising, and UiO/Eawag aim to arrange a workshop on this topic in the near future.

Read more on Anjas work in FME SUCCESS Annual report 2015





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