A brief look at 2015:

Six new doctors – several interesting results

The research objective of the SUCCESS centre is to obtain a sufficient understanding and knowledge base to store CO2 permanently and safely in the subsurface. Where are the best storage locations, how does CO2 behave during injection and storage, and how can we detect any leaks out of the primary reservoir and assess potential environmental impacts?

The centre activities are specially focused around the industrial CCS sites Sleipner and Snøhvit, and the Longyearbyen CO2 field lab, and are organized in three work packages: Reservoir, Containment, and Monitoring.

In 2015, six candidates from the centre obtained the degree philosophiae doctor;  Anja Sundal, University of Oslo, Kristian Fossum, University of Bergen /Uni CIPR, Hilde Kristine Hvidevold, University of Bergen, Rohaldin Miri, University of Oslo, Mohammad Taghi Vafaei, University of Bergen, Sara Sjøblom, University of Bergen.SUCCESS Fall Seminar 2015 -Core workshop Snøhvit

You can read more on the topics of each of these PhDs in our SUCCESS Newsletter from March.

The SUCCESS Fall Seminar was this year held at NPD in Stavanger and focused on the Snøhvit field, containing core displays from the Snøhvit. Further, the mapping and characterization of storage reservoirs at Longyearbyen CO2 Lab (CO2LYB) have been summarized and were published in a special issue of Norwegian Journal of Geology. 

The two final PhDs planned in the project has been hired, Mohammad Nooraiepour (UiO) and Manuel Borregales (UiB), and in addition one new Post Doc; Anja Sundal (UiO). Work Package 3: Monitoring has initiated a Gassnova Demo CCS Project : CCS LEAD, and FME SUCCESS could this year welcome a new partner: OCTIO, a company working with subsea monitoring and surveillance systems.


More information can be found in a 2015 summary at our March edition of the SUCCESSful News


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