OCTIO -new industry partner in the SUCCESS Centre

This fall OCTIO has joined the SUCCESS Consortium as a new partner. Octio has academic expertise as well as operational experience in areas that fit well in centre profile of SUCCESS as it appears today.

OCTIO has several expertise areas. The company provides Permanent Oilfield Monitoring (POM) with a Life-Of-Field perspective that utilizes technologies and competence within reservoir monitoring, cap rock integrity and environmental monitoring.

They also deliver a total Permanent Oilfield Monitoring solution (ReM) system based on a digital network including high vector fidelity seismic MEMS sensors. This system is designed with an open infrastructure, following international standardized protocols allowing connection of third party sensors. Standardization opens up opportunities for cost effective installation utilizing existing infrastructure, and opportunities of connecting other technologies i.e. EM sensors, chemical sensors, biological sensors, oceanographic sensors and any other existing and future sensor design.

The system is built for permanent deployment and can be used to perform passive monitoring as well as repeated seismic surveys as required in order to control the development of the reservoir, the overburden and the environment. The data acquisition system enables the use of seismic data in the reservoir development plan in combination with a real time warning system in case of leakage of gas, oil, waste or polluted water from the seabed.

OCTIOo is also delivering services within 4D gravity, and acquisition is carried out measuring both subsidence of the seabed and changes in density in the reservoir. The technology is utilized on seven fields, including Ormen Lange, Snøhvit and Sleipner.

We are pleased that Octio will be joining several of the SUCCESS activities in 2016 and 2017, and look forward to exciting input and results from this cooperation.

OCTIO Permanent Oilfield Monitoring System (ReM)

OCTIO Permanent Oilfield Monitoring System (ReM) Illustration: OCTIO


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