SUCCESS researchers in Nature 

SUCCESS researchers Helge Hellevang and Per Aagaard at the university of Oslo, has published an article on the carbon cycle and anthropogenic emissions of CO2 in Nature Scientific Reports.

The modeling indicates that the global carbon isotope fractionation has not changed significantly during the last 150 years. Furthermore, increased uptake of carbon by the ocean and increasing temperatures does not yet appear to have resulted in increasing the global gross ocean-to-atmosphere carbon fluxes.


Read more in the Nature article

Constraints on natural global atmospheric CO2 fluxes from 1860 to 2010 using a simplified explicit forward model

SUCCESS researcher Helge Hellevang(UiO), photo Marit HommedalSUCCESS researcher Per Aagaard (Emeritus UiO), photo Marit Hommedal 

Helge Hellevang (left) and Per Aagaard (right), researcher and Prof.Emeritus respectively, at University of Oslo.
(Photo Marit Hommedal/FME SUCCESS).

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