Successful and inspiring WP3 Workshop

The FME SUCCESS Work Package 3; MONITORING organized a 2-days workshop on May 5th – 6th, 2015, at the NGI Oslo office. WP3 has many activities, and 20 researchers from both Bergen and Oslo joined the workshop, representing five of the seven SUCCESS research partners .

The main objectives of the workshop were to review the so-far progress of each research group, present plans for final deliverables for SUCCESS in 2017 and initiate new project possibilities.


FME SUCCESS Workshop WP3 Monitoring


A total of 12 presentations were held during the two-days workshop, including a presentation of the ECO2 project by Dr. Tamara Baumberger at UiB-CGB. Four new research groups from CMR and NGI also presented their work on Monitoring. Each presentation initiated intensive, informal and open discussions among and between the participants.

Tamara's ECO2 presentation provided very useful and essential input to the SUCCESS WP3, and presentations by the four new research groups contributed significantly to the new project possibilities with a good initiation. Related actions will take place in the coming month.

Overall, the workshop was successful, and inspired SUCCESS researchers to bring the CCS technology even further towards a reality offshore Norway. A summary of the workshop will be be presented during the SUCCESS Fall Seminar October this year.


More information on WP3 can be found in FME SUCCESS Annual report 2014 or contact WP3 Leader; Joonsang Park at NGI


  FME SUCCESS participants WP3 MONITORING Workshop at NGI

 (From left) Joonsang Park (NG) , Evgeniy Yakushev (NIVA), Guttorm Alendal (UiB-Math), Espen Eek (NGI), Elin Skurtveit (NGI) , Marion Børresen (NGI) , Emanuele Reggiani (NIVA), Trond Mannseth (UniCIPR), Geir Pedersen (CMR), Tamara Baumberger (UiB-CGB), Kai Sørensen (NIVA), Laila Reigstad (UiB-CGB), Mats Walday (NIVA), Ann Elisabeth Albright Blomberg (NGI) , Per Magnus Sparrevik (NGI), Erlend Hodneland (CMR), Abdirahman Omar (UiB-GFI/UniClimate); (not in the photo) Magnus Soldal (NGI), Guillaume Sauvin (NGI), Sarah Gasda (UniCIPR).



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