CO2 and oil in geological formations

December 19th 2014, Trine Solberg Mykkeltvedt became the first of the PhD candidates directly funded by FME SUCCESS to get her degree. Her thesis was on "Numerical solutions of two-phase flow with applications to CO2 sequestration and polymer flooding".

Her thesis addressed challenges related to mathematical and numerical modeling of flow in porous media. Two applications were considered:

  1. counter-current two-phase flow in a heterogeneous porous media:
  2. polymer flooding in the context of enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Photo: UiB 

Furthermore, an upscaled model for CO2 migration is used to estimate effective rates of convective mixing from commercial-scale injection. Numerically, the upstream mobility scheme is widely used to solve hyperbolic conservation laws. For flow in heterogeneous porous media there exists no convergence analysis for this scheme. Studies of the convergence performance of this scheme are important due to the extensive use of the upstream mobility scheme in the reservoir simulation community.

The thesis validates the use of numerical simulations to obtain upscaled convective mixing rates, while at the same time validating that convective mixing is an important quantifiable storage mechanism at the Utsira formation. To account for uncertainties in the description of the storage formation, sensitivity studies are conducted relative to some of the most uncertain parameters.

Trine now works at IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger).

Read more about Trines Thesis at UiBs web page


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