PhD finalized in the SUCCESS collaboration project IMPACT.

Elin Skurtveit defended her PhD thesis “Deformation of sandstone reservoirs – insight from experiments and field studies “, September 18th at the University of Bergen.

Skurtveit has been a PhD Student in the project IMPACT (Part of the SUCCESS portfolio), and supervised by the project leader Anita Torabi. from Uni Research CIPR. She will return to Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, NGI, and continue her work there.


We wish her welcome back and look forward to her contributions to FME SUCCESS!



 Read more about her PhD thesis at UiB web page (only in Norwegian).




Elin Skurtveit (f. 1,974) completed a major in geology at the University of Bergen in 2000. After having worked for several years for NGI, she started a doctoral thesis at the Department of Earth Science, UiB and Uni Research CIPR in 2011. Dr. Anita Torabi from Uni Research CIPR as supervisor for work. Her dissertation is part of the IMPAC project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council and Statoil ASA. The candidate has also been supported by NGI and completed a study abroad at Stanford University, USA during the period.


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