SUCCESS represented at Oslo Science Fair (Forskningstorget in Oslo).

SUCCESS partners NIVA, NGI, IFE and UiO joined forces and at Oslo Science Fair. The Science fair allows for people of all ages can learn about and experience science through a multitude of different events, many of which are held at venues that today bear little resemblance to the traditional lecture hall with its podium and blackboard. The aim was to fuel the publics interest and understanding of the research activities and results in FME SUCCESS.




The stand was frequently visited and had large interest. We hope our partners was able to promoted recruitment of young people to an academic career and enhanced the media interest in research activities, results and illustrated the connections between research, innovation and industrial activity!



     Posters at the stand can

     be downloaded here:

     Insitute for Energy Technology (IFE)

     Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI)


     University of Oslo (UiO)






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