Science and industry join forces

An important deliverable from FME SUCCESS is training and recruitment of personnel to the subject of CO2 storage.

The Centre early established on a new Course at University of Bergen (UiB): GEOV367Hydrocarbon Exploration and CO2 Storage. 

FME SUCCESS has since 2010 financed Christian Hermanrud from Statoil, as Associate Professor at UiB and responsible for te course. Christian`s background, as a Geologist and his long experience from the Statoil, is perfectly illustrating one of the main goals of the FME Centers: science and industry joining their efforts and combining their knowledge and results on CO2 storage.


FME SUCCESS_Hermanrud and Msc students


Christian is also supervising several Master students at UiB and has founded a group : Petroleum and CO2 Storage Students of Hermanrud –PeStoH. The group has regular meetings where the students give presentations to each other and Christian. They present their goals, methods, tentative results and the “claims” of their research -what is it that we do not know and motivates the research?

Read more about Christian Hermanrud and his students in FME SUCCESS Annual report 2013!




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