Large scale storage of CO2 on Norwegian Shelf.

A joint collaboration between the research partnersin FME SUCCESS, FME BIGCCS, Tel-tek, IRIS and NORSAR, looked into how a joint Norwegian research community can help develop the necessary knowledge and technology needed to implement large-scale CO2 storage on the Norwegian continental shelf in 2018.

A report from a national research team was published June 2013, “LargeScale Storage of CO2 on the Norwegian shelf” (Sentrallager), identifying the most critical knowledge gaps in regards to large-scale CO2 storage by 2018. Some of the challenges  dentified in the report were to develop better simulation tools, gain more knowledge about the geological characteristics and processes in the reservoir over time. Knowledge of the sealing of the reservoir, well drilling and construction of wells are other important research fields that need further investigation. The report also points to the potential of combining CO2 storage with the use of CO2 to get more oil out of the fields, known as EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery). To follow up the report, funding wasv awarded a pre-project, kick off in November 11, 2013, and will be finalized by May 2015.

Read the report on FME SUCCESS webpage.




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