Project Leader: Ivar Aavatsmark, Uni Research AS

Capacity of large-scale CO2 storage in North Sea sloping aquifers from numerical simulation is a three year project based at the Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research (Uni CIPR) and sponsored by the Research Council of Norway (Climit program), Foundation CMG and Total Norge.

The project was launched in April 2013.The research focuses on the reliability of simulation tools for assessment of CO2 storage in sloping aquifers. The objective is to develop a best practice manual for numerical simulation of CO2 storage in North Sea sloping aquifers. The project involves studies of sensitivities, uncertainties and comparison of simulators. Different physical processes and geological information which are important for CO2 storage will be applied in these studies. November 2013 a collaboration agreement was signed between the LCSANS project and the SUCCESS center.  


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