SUCCESS Centre Portfolio

The current SUCCESS Consortium Agreement fully integrates the FME-SUCCESS and the KMB-INJECT project.

In addition, separate agreements of collaboration have been signed with other KMB projects (RAMORE, MatMoRa and IGeMS CO2). A close collaboration with the UNIS CO2 Lab project in Longyearbyen is also in place. Consequently, the project portfolio coordinated in and with the FME-SUCCESS forms a basis for extended project collaboration and represented a center growth to a total of approx 320 MNOK , some 50 percent increase relative to the FME-SUCCESS grant of 160 MNOK.

The collaboration projects KMB MatMoRa and KMB IGeMS CO2 ended by 31 December 2011, and Ramore had a prolonged project period to the end of 2012. Three new projects established agreements of collaboration with the SUCCESS center in 2012, IMPACT, MatMoRa II and Virtual CO2 Lab. In 2013, LCSANS and the project Large scale Storage on Norwegian Shelf was included in, while KPN PROTECT and a KPN on Safe Long term storage of CO2 in Hydrates joined the Centre Portfolio in 2014.


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