Impact of fault rock properties on CO2 storage in sandstone reservoirs - IMPACT (2011-14)

Project Leader: Anita Torabi, Uni Research AS

The IMPACT project is a 4 year project based at the Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research and sponsored by the Research Council of Norway (CLIMIT program) and Statoil. The project was formally launched in January 2011. The research focuses on the effect of geological heterogeneities such as faults, fractures and deformation bands on CO2 storage in sandstone reservoirs. It involves an integrated approach that utilizes geological field work, experiments and numerical modeling. In addition, studying a real case (Snøvit Field) gives the project a unique opportunity to investigate the interaction between the Snøvit complex structure, its diagenetic and sedimentary features and CO2 injection and sequestration.

The proposed project aims to increase our understanding of the processes and products of faulting in porous sandstone in order to forecast the distribution and impact of faults and deformation bands on reservoir/aquifer performance and seal properties. This will contribute to improved risk assessment when planning and developing potential reservoirs for CO2 sequestration. To achieve these aims, a comprehensive integrated and cross-disciplinary study, which combines analysis of empirical outcrop and subsurface data, experiments using physical analogues, micro-structural analysis, is called for. The experiments will utilize the existing CIPR database and the state-of-the-art geo-mechanical testing equipment at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute; supported by numerical back calculations of the experiments. The final results will be also utilized to verify and, where possible, improve the theories for development of faults and deformation bands.

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