VIRCOLA (2012-2015)

Virtual CO2 Laboratory

Project Leader: Tor Langeland

Wide deployment of geological CO2 storage requires a better understanding of the CO2 storage reservoirs, CO2 injection and flow, and long-term fate of geologically stored CO2.

The VIRCOLA project aims to gain such knowledge by requires cross disciplinary research, working in both macro- and microscale, and addresses the challenge by building a virtual CO2 laboratory for covisualizing and visual analysis of all the different data types involved.

The project is closely affiliated with the National Research Centre on subsurface CO2 storage, SUCCESS CO2 (www.fme-success.no) with all its ongoing scientific projects and co-operations.

VIRCOLA project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council, and partners are Christian Michelsen Research (CMR), Institute of Energy Technology (IFE), the University Centre In Svalbard (UNIS), CGG and Statoil.



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