Prof. Dr. Auli Niemi 

Auli Niemi, Professor in Groundwater Modeling at University of Uppsala, Department of Earth Sciences.

Over 25 yrs of experience on various aspects of geohydrology, including multiphase modeling, upscaling, site characterization. Coordinator of MUSTANG (large‐scale EU FP7 project for CO2 geological storage) including major role in designing and implementing the related Heletz deep CO2 injection experiment. Work Package leader in other CO2 related EU FP7 projects; PANACEA, TRUST, CO2QUEST. Hydrogeology/modeling expert in the two CO2 projects; SwedestoreCO2 and BASTOR. Niemi has convening a number of CO2 sessions at EGU and is Associate Editor of International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Technologies and member of the European Academies of Sciences Advisory Council working group for CCS.



Marte Gutierrez, James R. Paden Distinguished Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado School of Mines.

Prior to joining CSM in 2008, he was Post-doctoral Fellow, Senior Engineer and Program Leader at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, and Associate Professor/Professor at Virginia Tech. He has held visiting professorship and researcher positions in China, Chile, France, Japan, Koreaand UAE. He is a member of the Editorial Board of four International Journals including “Frontiers in Carbon Capture, Storage, and Utilization”. Dr. Gutierrez’s main research interests are inGeomechanics, and Energy and Environmental Sustainability. Recently, he has been actively involved in research on CO2 Geological Sequestration with projects funded by the U.S. Separtment of Energy. He currently holds a joint appointment as Professor II in the Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo.



Nick Riley, Head of Science Policy (Europe) & Grants, British Geological Survey, United Kingdom

Riley graduated 1977 from Bristol University, Geology & Zoology, PhD (Geology- 1981). He joined BGS in 1980 working on UK coal exploration and development (Plan 2000) and supporting BGS’ geological mapping programmes (Upper Palaeozoic). Riley has been involved in geotechnical aspects of major civil engineering projects (dams, tunnels, roads,), as well as petroleum geology (UK onshore, N. Sea and USA). In 2008 Riley became responsible for BGS’ research funding derived from external grant awards and in promoting BGS’ science policy in Europe. He is an advisor, on cleaner fossil fuel and energy issues, to the EC, governments, research councils, intergovernmental initiatives and industry.

Sylvain Thibeau, FME SUCCESS Scientific Advisory Committeè Member

Sylvain Thibeau, CO2 Geological Storage Expert, TOTAL, France

Sylvain Thibeau is a former physics student of Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, holding a PhD from University of Paris 6 on Numerical Fluid Dynamics. He joined TOTAL in 1993.

Since 2001, Sylvain focuses primarily on CO2 geological storage. He is the author of ~20 publications on this topic, and one of the lead editors of the book “Best Practice for the Storage of CO2 in Saline Formations”, summarizing the findings of Sleipner CO2 storage operation and CO2Store project in 2008.


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