Rohaldini Miri- new PhD student in WP6 INJECT

I have my B.Sc. degree in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering from Petroleum University of Technology (PUT) working on mathematical investigation of non-Darcy fluid flow through porous media, Iran, 2003.

I have received my M.Eng. degree in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering from University of Calgary (Canada), 2008 and also an M.Sc. degree in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering from PUT (Dual Degree Collaboration Program), 2009.

My research work during my master had focused on the mathematical modeling of fluid interaction of overwhelmed matrix blocks of fractured reservoirs. Free fall and forced Gravity drainage are established production mechanisms, which contribute to significant oil production in naturally fractured reservoirs, commonly 30-60% OOIP. Accurate and proper implementation of gravity drainage performance, as an exchange term, in dual porosity simulators is a critical issue. Considering the stability of liquid bridges forming between matrix blocks, we developed a relationship for capillary pressure of fracture. We intend to continue this work to develop a transfer function using the aforementioned capillary pressure relationship. 

I have worked on the Enhanced Oil Recovery group of National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) from 2010-2012 in Ahwaz. We have conducted several core-flooding experiments to investigate the asphaltene deposition phenomenon during natural depletion and CO2 injection and the consequent effects on hydraulic conductivity. In addition to three conventionally identified asphaltene plugging regimes of surface depositions, entrainment and pore throat plugging a new regime of “pore throat opening” is observed which open the near closing throats due to high velocity of fluid at its center which improves the permeability approximately of one to two percent. Current mechanistically trapping models cannot fully capture the entire plugging regimes identified in the performed experiments. This fact is more pronounce in modeling of new identified plugging regime called pore throat opening. Mathematical modeling of deposition behavior considering this new plugging mechanism is subject of an undergoing work.

I have been an active member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and was a member of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) since 2004.

My research interests are:


·         Multiphase Flow in Fractured Porous Media

·         Advanced compositional simulation of petroleum reservoirs

·         Computational fluid dynamic(CFD)

·         Asphaltene deposition and precipitation in porous media

·         Geological Storage of CO2


I currently work on the mathematical modeling and simulation study of injectivity of CO2 in deep aquifers considering precipitation of slat and geotechnical effects.



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