A temporary research position is available at Christian Michelsen Research (CMR) in Bergen, Norway, for a period of 2 years, affiliated with the project “Virtual CO2 Laboratory” (VIRCOLA).

We are looking for a person with expertise in Geosciences on a PhD level, preferably with background relevant for CO2 storage in the subsurface, and with an interest to work with dataset from micro to macroscale.

The VIRCOLA project aims to explore the potential for covizualization and visual analysis of multimodal and multiscale subsurface and experimental data from operational and research field pilots at Snøhvit and Longyearbyen.

In addition to CMR, the University Centre In Svalbard (UNIS), Institute of Energy Technology (IFE), Statoil and CGGVeritas are partners in the VIRCOLA project. The project  is closely affiliated with the SUCCESS Centre and all its ongoing scientific projects and co-operations. This position offers cross disciplinary research in an exciting environment between industry and academia.

Deadline August 31st 2012

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