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New state-of-the-art flow rig installed at University of Oslo

With the IFS 200 Core Flooding System, we have now established a complete CO2 research laboratory that enables us to generate research at high international level. The system was installed in April this year, and is now under initial testing. Researcher Helge Hellevang will be the scientific leader of the laboratory, whereas PhD student Javad Moghadam (photo) will be the main responsible for the practical use of the IFS 200.

The main aim is to obtain much needed information on relative permeabilities of CO2 in various sedimentary rocks at in situ reservoir conditions. Another goal is to have the capability of logging permeability changes from CO2 percolation experiments through reactive materials, as reactions may directly influence factors such as CO2 dissolution, diffusion, and the geometry of the solid matrix.

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SUCCESS infrastructure: Flow Rig


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