A separate PhD session was held at SUCCESS seminar in September.

The PhD session was open to all SUCCESS partners and the feedback from participants was excellent and SUCCESS plan to repeat the event.

Christian Hermanrud

Christian Hermanrud from Statoil /University of Bergen prepared and led the session. 

The purpose of  this part of the seminar for PhD students was:  

 i) to raise awareness among SUCCESS researchers on the practical importance of their work

ii) to agree on a presentation that maximizes the benefits for participants.

A selection of PhD students gave 13 minute presentations where they presented their results and research focus. The audience evaluated each presentation by different criteria in a form handed out in advance. Afterwards several questions were raised to the speakers were they were challenged on their decisions and choices, why they did what they did.

The students' presentations achieved similar results in the evaluation, but Elin Skurtveit employed at NGI and PhD student on the project IMPACT was awarded the best presentation.

  "I thought this was a very useful session. It is nice to get feedback on how the audience perceives the presentation. I also think that the tips about the content and presentation technique that we received in advance of the session were very interesting and useful. It is also great exercise to evaluate and comment on other presentations. " Elin Skurtveit, NGI/ IMPACT
















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