The research partners have an extensive network of international collaborators on ongoing and previous projects within geology, geochemistry, geomechanics and modelling.

The SUCCESS centre has identified important areas of collaboration with international partners (see below, and Letters of Intent)

  • GEO-CARB EU res. & train. Network; CO2 subsurface transport
  • DELTA-MIN EU res. & train. Network; CO2 subsurface transport
  • MIN-GRO EU res. & train. Network; CO2 subsurface transport
  • Midwest Consort. case study cooperation US Pilot Project
  • BigSky Partn.ship case study cooperation US Pilot Project
  • Lawr.Berkeley NL geochemical/geomechanical response, sealing properties
  • Los Alamos NL well integrity and caprock leakage, geochemistry, experiments
  • Univ. Wyoming geochemistry, fluid-rock interaction, modelling
  • Univ. of Iceland fluid-rock experiments, reactive transport modelling, basalts
  • GFZ Potzdam rock mechanics lab testing, CH4-CO2 behaviour in shales
  • Nancy University experiments fluid-rock interaction, IR/Raman monitoring
  • IFP use of noble gases and stable isotopes in monitoring
  • BRGM monitoring, gechemical-geomechanical modelling
  • GEONET modelling, monitoring, ecosystem assessment
  • LMTG/CNRS eaction experiments and pterophysics, caprock integrity
  • Stanford Univ. flow and reservoir modelling, case studies and monitoring
  • Col. School of Mines geochemistry, geomechanics, microbiology, monitoring
  • Erlangen-Nurnb.U. numerical solutions multispecies reactive transport
  • Stuttgart Univ. modelling deep subsurface CO2 processes
  • Princeton Univ. modelling CO2 storage and flow in porous media
  • Montana State Univ. outcrops and modelling of reactive flow in faults and fractures

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